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Algys Autos can source ANY vehicle you wish and supply it to you in Cyprus fully registered at cost prices plus a commission fee, no catches! A unique car import system that Algys Autos developed nearly 20 years ago in the UK and is available to you here in Cyprus to beat the crazy Cyprus prices of cars offered on the Island for sale. (Cyprus Car Import Scheme 1)

Algys Autos also do stock some cars for sale in Cyprus at our Limassol Garage, these cars are generally budget cars, A to B, no real frills and at budget prices. Frequently this is what the new resident in Cyprus is looking for or maybe a 2nd car perhaps, either way we have these cars frequently available in stock. See some of these cars on our pages within this website on the ‘Cars for Sale’ pages above.

If you are wanting a better quality car however or have a particular vehicle in mind whether it be a retro classic, a motorbike, road-sweeper or just a good quality car Algys Autos is your solution.

We can also arrange the same system for the UK collection of your OWN vehicle or one that you wish to purchase yourself, our system is the same for you and commission fee for this procedure is less. (This is called Import Scheme 2)

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We get huge demands for the various ‘double cabs from the UK to import into Cyprus due to their obvious robust nature and coupled with their lower taxes it makes them attractive.
Enjoy our video here searching for the double cabs:

Algys Autos Imports Ltd

Algys Autos very small

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