Algys Autos Import Scheme has been the best route for car importation and supply in the UK for nearly 20 years; it was a scheme founded by Algys Autos, others copied and failed. We have been arranging the same system for Cyprus residents for the last 7 years and id simply the very best route to owning a car in Cyprus. Below are some FAQ’s we hope will assist you. If we have missd anything simply visit the Contact Us page and ask.


Q1. Are Algys Autos Imports Ltd Registered in Cyprus?
A1. Yes Algys Autos Imports Ltd are Company registered and Vat registered in Cyprus

Q2. Can Algys AUtos collect from anywhere in the UK, my home address or anywhere I wish?
Q2. Yes, any UK address. we will obviously need access to the car and be given the keys and authority

Q3. What vehicles am I limited to?
A3. No limits, Motorcycles, road-sweepers, vintage cars, scooters, brand new cars, we have collected and imported them all.

Q4. Can you arrange full document checks on a vehicle I may purchase myself?
A4. Yes. 30 euros, non refundable per car.

Q5. Is the vehicle insured in transit?
A5. Maritime insurance can be arranged at additional expense.

Q6. What profit is added to the costs, how do i know as you declare, nothing is added?
A6. We are a highly respectable Company. All invoices are presented to you and you are welcome to check them as you wish. Our only fee is the commission fee. Period.

Q7. Can i arrange Cyprus clearances and registration myself as I have someone here that will do it?
A7. You are welcome to. We arrange it if you require it. As stated we add nothing to these costs, the agent in Cyprus at the time of writing charges 200 euro to arrange the entire Cyprus side of the clearances and subsequent registration.

Q8. What happens to the UK car documents, how do we receive them?
A8. We send them free of charge from our UK registration Office to our Offices in Cyprus. We strongly recommended that we send via courier with tracking as the documents are vital to clear and register the car in Cyprus. The Cyprus Postal Service is far from perfect, the courier fee is 30 euro and is an additional fee.

Q9. Can Algys Autos arrange an inspection of the car I am considering to purchase?
A9. Yes we have accounts with fully qualified and independent Auto Engineers/Technicians. The car is subjected to a 2 hour very comprehensive inspection and 16kms road test drive. The fee is about £150/£200 and is again delivered to the customer un-edited. The fee is non-refundable.

Q10. Where are the fees paid?
Q11. Our fees can be paid in Euro or Sterling in either our UK or Cyprus bank accounts. The UK transportation can similarly be paid to us in Cyprus or UK. Freight can be arranged to be paid in the UK or in Cyprus when the car arrives. All import fees and taxes are paid in Cyprus and paid in cash in Euro.

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