Cyprus Car Import Scheme 2, We import your own car from UK to Cyprus


You may as a resident in Cyprus have the need to have your own car that is currently sitting on your UK driveway registered here in Cyprus. Seems relatively simple but as you will be aware, very little in Cyprus is straightforward! This is a service that Algys Autos can arrange for you at a simple commission fee of 260 euro + Vat. All other fees are charged at cost prices and all invoices are presented to the customer. This is the Cyprus Car Import Scheme 2.

Simply advise us the location of the vehicle, authority to collect and access. We will need a copy of the UK registration document, leave the rest to us. We shall arrange UK collection, transportation to storage, export documentation, freight bookings and forwarding of the documents to Cyprus.
Upon arrival in Cyprus we can arrange the clearances, inspections and subsequent Cyprus Registration for you. We can even arrange delivery of your car to your door in Cyprus!

Equally, If you have decided to purchase a car yourself in Cyprus, this too is covered under the Cyprus Car Import Scheme 2. We will additionally ensure the seller gets the correct documentation raised for you concerning the sale of the car. We can also arrange full document Hpi checks which include whether the car was subject to an accident insurance claim, recorded as stolen or has outstanding finance secured against the car. This fee is 30 euro per vehicle and non-refundable.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the email or phone system displayed on our Contact Us page.

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